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Azille Town

Azille Maison is located in the charming, friendly and historical small town of Azille, with around 1200 people and located in the Minervois wine producing area, in the Aude department of Languedoc-Roussillon. The current site of Azille was populated as far back as the Iron Age and also in Roman times. The first church in the town, St Andre, was founded around the 11th century and now only remnants can be seen incorporated in the walls of several houses in the centre of the village. The small old centre of the town where Azille Maison is situated has some very narrow streets and remnants of the medieval walls and many old buildings dating from early days and through the centuries.

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The town has amenities including a Boulangerie (baker), Epicerie/Café (a small general store with some fresh foods and serves drinks and snacks), a Bar/Café with outside seating, a new Salon de Thé, Wine Bar and gallery, two restaurants, a Tabac/Presse (small newsagent), pharmacy, medical practice and a Post Office. Fresh food vendors pull their vans up and trade in the centre of town a number of mornings each week, selling a range of foods including seafood, meat, barbeque chickens, cheese, fruit and vegetables. There is also a small tourist office, open most days

Azille is a winemaking town with several wine tasting and sales outlets in and around the town, for the good quality local wines. There are two winemaker tasting and sales outlets in Azille itself; The Château Guéry winery that has been producing wines for over eight generations, has a cellar door is the centre of town offering a number of red, ro and white wines and a dessert wine, and the local Cave Cooperative (Caveau du Silene) also has white, ro and red wines ranging from AOC Minervois appellation wines to Vins de table. The Epicerie also sells a small selection of local wines.

Azille hosts a number of festivals and markets during the year, including a Feast of wineries in July, night markets in August, a Feast of Autumn in October, and the Feria which is usually held around the start of May and includes a running of bulls. A Vide Grenier (Bric-a-brac market) is also held periodically in Azille, as well as other small markets. The tourist information office has information about the activities around town, and also sells a selection of Azille wines.

Day to day there are a variety of activities available in and around Azille. Bicycles can be hired for riding around the town and district, and it is also very pleasurable to explore the narrow streets of the village on foot. Like all French towns Azille has a public area for playing petanque, and there is also a tennis court. There is also a small gallery with regularly changing exhibitions.


Azille town 2

The Bar

Small park in Azille


Path to the village centre from the old station


Azille town

The Epicerie


Small street in Azille

Maps of the town        

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