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Getting there

There are many ways to get to Azille Maison. For overseas visitors there is a range of flight options including travelling via Paris, Toulouse, London (flying to Carcassonne) or via Barcelona, to name a few. France has many internal flights and there are lots of rail options from very fast to slower regional trains. To make the most of the many attractions that are in the local area and region you really need to have a car when staying in Azille.

Click this link: Azille Map, for a map of Azille and the surrounding area and regions.


By air

If you are travelling from overseas there are a number of options, including flying into Paris, Barcelona, Toulouse or Carcassonne, from where you can connect to other modes of transport (e.g. train and/or car) to travel to Azille:

  • Paris has a number of international and regional airports with flights that can connect to regional centres, including Toulouse and Montpellier.
  • Barcelona is approximately three hours drive from Azille and has a major international airport with long-haul flights to/from many world-wide destinations as well as internal European flights.
  • Perpignan (Rivesaltes) airport is about 1 hour drive from Azille and is serviced by a number of airlines flying to/from various destinations in France, Europe, Ireland and the UK.
  • Carcassonne has an airport serviced by Ryan Air (only). There are flights to Carcassonne from England, Ireland and other European countries, but no flights from within France itself.
  • Toulouse airport is approximately 1.5 hour drive away from Azille. It is a major airport with many internal and international flights. 
  • Montpellier is also around 1.5 hours drive from Azille and is a regional airport with internal and regional European flights.
  • Beziers is mainly serviced by smaller regional airlines and tends to have more flights during the summer months.


By train

There are fast TGV trains from many points within France including Paris (some from Charles de Gaulle airport), Lyon, Avignon and Bordeaux (via Toulouse). Trains connect to Montpellier (3.5hrs from Paris), Beziers (approx. 4.25 hrs from Paris), Narbonne (approx. 4.5 hrs from Paris) or Carcassonne where, from any of these you can pick up a hire car and continue onto Azille. We do recommend having a car for your stay at Azille Maison so that you will have the flexibility to see the wonderful surrounding region.

There is also a TGV train from Barcelona that will take you to Perpignan (1.3 hrs), Narbonne (2 hrs) or Beziers (2.3 Hrs), where you can pick up a hire car and continue to Azille.


By car:

We strongly recommend that people have a car when staying in Azille so that you can fully enjoy the many attractions in the area.  It is possible to pick up hire cars from many city and regional centres where they can be collected at the airport or train station. Hire car offices in some of the larger cities and regional centres have longer opening hours.